Welcome This website shows early graphic design by Dick Bruna (1927-2017), well known creator of Miffy. Till 1970 Dick Bruna designed book covers for "Black Bears" paperbacks of Bruna & Son in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He experimented with collage, and was influenced by Matisse, Leger and 'De Stijl' in the development of his work. The covers became iconical trade-marks and a landmark in international graphic design. Dick Bruna also designed publicity posters for the books, created charity posters and issued hand-signed art prints in limited editions.

You will find a selection of these original vintage Black Bears books, posters and prints. You can order the items shown on this website. Books have standard prices. Black Bear posters are very scarce and this effects prices, as this is also the case with limited editions and hand signed prints.

If you are interested, please contact shop@retrobook.com or use the form through the red contact button to the right of the screen. Of course you can always ask information. Please note that we add standard mailing costs. For international orders, we prefer payment by PayPal.

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