Poster Quality Grading

Condition A (Mint)
Designates a poster in virtually mint condition and because posters are delicate and printed on thin paper, very few survived the years in this state.

Condition A- (Excellent)
Designates a poster in excellent condition overall, with fine eye appeal and collectability.

Condition B+ (Very Good)
Designates a poster in very good condition. There may be the tiniest fading or spotting, but in most cases the colors will be as fresh as an A-.

Condition B (Good)
Designates a poster in decent condition. There may be slight fading or faint stain.

Condition C (Fair)
Designates a poster in fair condition and moderate fading or staining may be seen. Restoration and folds may be quite pronounced.

Japan paper backing / linen Mounting
The accepted process of poster conservation utilizes archival rice paste to lay the poster on a thin sheet of acidfree paper. In other cases the rice paper itself is pasted on light cotton canvas. This is termed "linen mounting". Rice paper backed or linen mounted posters are very flat and well protected against puncture or tears, also any tears or wrinkles that existed before mounting may become virtually invisible. Within the poster collecting community, rice paper backed or linen mounted posters are typically desired.